What is FishSA

“Fishing for a sustainable and equitable future”


A transformed, prosperous and productive commercial fishing industry making a positive difference to South Africa


To promote the transformation, development, profitability, stability and sustainability of commercial fishing in South Africa


Striving for alignment in the commercial fishing industry in South Africa Promoting the interests of Registered Industrial Bodies in commercial fishing

Engaging key stakeholders in commercial fishing (e.g. RIBs, DPW, DTI, SAMSA, Organised Labour, BUSA and DAFF and others where the interests of FishSA members are relevant).

Achieving a constructive relationship with Government (This includes striving for greater certainty through ongoing discussion on general and sectoral policy development and other matters that require interaction. FishSA sees itself as the voice of all sectoral associations in pushing an agenda that aligns with the Vision and Mission of the association).Playing a critical role in supporting government’s responsibility to carry out high- quality, evidence-based fisheries research on environmental sustainability, socio- economics, co-management and compliance

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