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Who is FishSA

FishSA is voluntary association which consist of various industry sectoral associations. Its purpose is to enable a business environment where members can perform competitively and profitably.


  • To Act as an Industrial Body as envisaged in section 8 of the Marine Living Resources Act.
  • To influence the policy and legislative environment in so far that it affects fishing industry activities, by continuous and professional
    interaction with all relevant government institutions.
  • To improve the commercial environment for members via network linkages, liaison and partnerships with influential groupings
    within the corporate environment, both locally and internationally.
  • Provides a forum for communication between members and Government, the Minister of Fisheries and other Authorities.
  • Promote the development of the commercial fishing sector.


  • South African Deep Sea Trawl Industry Association
  • SA Midwater Trawling Association
  • SA Pelagic Fishing Industry Association
  • SA Squid Management Industrial Association
  • SA Tuna Association
  • South Coast Rock Lobster Industry Association
  • West Coast Rock Lobster Association
  • South East Coast Fishing Industry Association
  • Fresh Tuna Exporters Association
  • SA Patagonian Toothfish Industry Association
  • SA Hake Longline Association


The stakeholders of FISHSA are:

SA government, consumers, media, NGO’s, international organisations, universities, commercial producers in SA.


To achieve its challenging mandate, FishSA has established local affiliations to:

  • Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP)
  • UN FAO SA office
  • Business Western Cape
  • Agricultural Business Chamber
  • WWF


FishSA communicates with members and stakeholders via the following channels:

  • Management Committee meetings
  • Regular media interaction/ press releases
  • Presentations – local and international
  • Email update briefings


The core objectives of FishSA is achieved through its work in the following functional areas

  1. Advocacy, policy and legislation
  2. Major areas of engagement and focus:

    • Marine Living Resources Amendment ACT
    • Sectoral fishing commentary
    • Industrial policy (IPAP2, NGP, NDP)
    • Competition Commission (Information exchange)
    • SARS (Diesel rebate scheme – revised guidelines for the fishing industry)

  3. Business intelligence
  4. FishSA partners with universities on various sectoral studies and association where required with Government Departments re surveys on various issues ranging from BEE, to competitiveness. Information is synthesised into intelligence for strategic positioning and negotiations besides being used by member associations.

  5. Trade and Investment
  6. FishSA promotes fishing industry for its members by working closely with Government and various investments promotion agencies such as:

    • WESGRO
    • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    • Department of Trade and Industry
    • International Trade Administration Commission
    • Various Chambers of Commerce.

FishSA forms part of various SA government trade missions abroad when invited and is integrally involved with the BRICS Business Forum.


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